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11 October 2006

WBW#26: "Deep Red, Beautiful"

Entry#2 From Edward of Wino sapien:

Deep red, beautiful classically styled nose and wine. Everything in place, nothing to detract from the whole. Violets, black olive, faintly herbal and something that reminds me of earth and mineral. The oak treatment is in the background, quietly supportive, a spectator rather than a player. Lovely poise and balance. Slight in frame but generous in spirit. Fine, drying and long tannins. Please sir may I have some more. . .

Read on for entry#3 from The Brooklynguyloveswine

I have been looking for an excuse to taste this wine for almost a year
now, but who has the space in their Brooklyn apartment to roast a whole
lamb, or the time to hang and roast a pheasant? Those are the things I
imagined eating with this wine, hearty and rustic food, and the wine
would be served in medieval goblets to be shared at long tables with men
in fur vests who eat without cutlery.

Instead, with WBW #26 fast approaching, I walked the bottle over to
Deetrane's house, we called Mike to come help us taste, and we opened the
bottle with nothing at all to eat. We did use large goblets though, and
tried to pepper our conversation with old fashioned swear words, like
maggot and wench.

We decided that we had to pour and then leave it alone in the glasses
for an hour before tasting - its still very young. This wine was inky
purple/black. While pouring, it smelled of plums and the woods (possibly
the dreaded Black Forest in Germany). We made it for about a half hour,
but then the dunderheaded gnave Deetrane lost his patience, and went
for his goblet. We followed suit.

Mike is a derivitives trader at a big investment bank, and he collects
and has had many an opportunity to experience this style of wine.
Deetrane has also explored wines of this style, but I am still essentially a
tender virgin in this area. So I was relieved when after tasting, they
said things like "This wine is HUGE," and "Wow, it needs at least
another 3-5 years."

I smelled blueberries, faint raspberries, and lots of bloody meat, with
the hot smell of alcohol also prominent. The fruit was tightly coiled
like a court maiden's braided hair. I could make out some dark berries,
but the flavors weren't clear. A nice acidity tingled the tongue, but
powerful and astringent tannins were basically dominating the

Overall, I would not recommend this wine to drink now, but I would
definitely enjoy tasting it again several years down the road. Deetrane and
Mike felt the same way, so I will have my other bottle thrown in the
dungeon for at least 5 years. At somepoint thereafter, I shall summon it
before me and commission the roasting of a pheasant. 

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