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11 October 2006

WBW#26: "Mild Blue Cheese Notes"

Haalo of Cook (almost) Anything at Least Once brings us entry#8:

pale straw in colour; mild blue cheese notes in the nose, apple cider
on the palette; low acid, full mouth feel, very refreshing.

Entry#9 is courtesy Anna of Morsels & Musings:

[the wine] is usually a straw coloured wine, and while it was certainly not botrytis gold I found it to be deeper than straw and closer to a pale gold. It was a medium yellow.

The nose had some slight tropical attributes (pineapple?), with a slight lemon edge and a touch of almond. It also had a tinge of smelly feet :)

The palate was quite honeyed with a touch of creaminess and a pleasant acidic end-note. Ever so slight sweetness prevailed throughout the palate. Light on the tongue and yet it still contained full body characteristics. It had a short, slightly bitter finish and no sour, lingering aftertaste.

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