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11 October 2006

WBW#26: "Oakey Nose"

Whereswbw_2 Jim of wine & politics sampled one wine from each of the 'where's Wino' areas.  I've selected one of them as entry#6:

  • Oakey nose. Sweet with a bite at the end.
  • Medium sharp nose. Acidic. Semi-dry. Clean finish.
  • Very sweet. Sort of heavy.
  • Fruitier than Oberlin.

Check out all of the wines Jim tasted here.

Entry#7 comes from the co-Catavino-ers, Ryan & Gabriella.  They each give their assessment of this mystery wine:

Ryan: Nice deep red color. Charcoal nose with some green pepper and dusty earth. The fruit is there but not up front or forward. In the mouth a rich wine with medium acid and firm tannins. Less fruit forward and more rustic with underbrush, minerals, and herbs. Flavors of cherry, cassis, and charcoal. Nice wine with a piece of red meat! 3.5/5

Gabriella:  Dark inky ruby black that quickly diminishes to a light clear ruby red. Dark cherry nose with hints of charcoal and spice. Incredibly powerful cherry flavor on the palate with a sweet tart finish. As the wine opens, I get a little more of the woody tones and a tinge of cinnamon or nutmeg. Medium body and acidity with good structure. I would happily recommend this wine. 4.5/5

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