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11 October 2006

WBW#26: "Sharp Citrussy Acidity"

Lemon_1 Welcome to WBW#26, "Where's Wino."  Entry#1 comes from Garry Clark, Sommelier of The Chester Grosvenor and Spa.

The colour is a very pale lemon, with a thin watery rim and no discernable difference between the rim and the core.    

On the nose there are a variety of aromas, dominated by citrus – specifically lemons, there is a slight hint of smokiness and a herbal character which reminds me of camomile flowers that I have growing in the garden.    

It is very crisp and dry on the palate with sharp citrussy acidity that really gets you mouth watering and makes you wanna smack your lips really really loudly. There isn’t really a lot of finish to the wine, the flavours dissipate quite quickly. Ive had this with seafood and it works really well, fresh tiger prawns in filo with a light herby mayo dip and a touch of chilli.    

This is a real summer al fresco wine, enjoyed with mates on a beach eating fresh seafood or snuggling up to the better half on a rug in the garden watching the sun move lazily across the horizon. If I had to describe it as a plant, it would be a straggly little herb with gnarly little branches with the bark peeling off, and a few really intense green leaves contrasting with the pale brown-ness of the bark. (A description that for some reason I just pictured when I closed my eyes, which sounds totally unlike the wine im describing, but just so totally fits!!).

Get out your Where's Wino notebooks and start your guessing.

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