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21 November 2006

Music Tuesday: Random 10 + 1

Your music Tuesday random 10 from the Basic Juice iPod:

  1. 3 Legged Animals - Califone
  2. Smells Like Teen Spirit - The Bad Plus
  3. I Cry Alone - The Black Keys
  4. I Lied - Telefon Tel Aviv
  5. Matt's Song - The Soviettes
  6. Neighborhood #2 - The Arcade Fire
  7. Strung Out Again - Elliot Smith
  8. Bowl of Oranges - Bright Eyes
  9. Le Jazz et Le Gin - Coralie Clement
  10. Cropduster - Pearl Jam

+1 superfunky wine recommendation:

Cahors Clos Coutale Cahors 2003 ($14) - imported by Kermit Lynch through Winebow. Without knowing the grapes involved in this thick, indigo, mystery wine, one might guess it's made from Tannat as the wine is replete with burnt orange and licorice scents.  Would you believe this wine, from Cahors in France's southwest, is made from 80% Malbec and 20% Merlot?  If your experience with Malbec is confined to Argentina, you're in for one big, chewy surprise.  In addition to this wine's odd yet compelling orange-licorice scent-combo, I discovered scents of cedar, red cherry and hints of herbs.  Be warned, allow this badboy to air our for at least an hour before sipping, or your tongue will get locked into a tannic vice grip.  However, after it's had a chance to breathe, Clos Coutale is compelling with tangy, wild flavors and a seemingly eternal finish.  Serve it up with marbled beef or lamb chops and enjoy a downright memorable dining experience.

Tell us if you've had any superfunky wine experiences recently, and, what's randomly rotating on your iPod?  Happy Tuesday.


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I've had many vintages of this Clos Coutale and it always is quite astrigent, quite dry. But it's those spicy aromas you describe that I like, which makes it an enjoyable bottle, even if you don't have hours to decant it.

By the way, my rule of thumb on pinning the grape variety on the Southwest region is: Malbec in Cahors vs Tannat in Madiran (note that the letters a's are always in the same place).

Of course Auxerrois is what they call Malbec there but that doesn't help my little mnemonic device, which hasn't failed me yet!


Nice mneumonic (how the hell do you spell it!?) device. It gets even more confusing considering there is also a Pinot Auxerrois in Alsace.

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