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20 November 2006

My Sweet Lucifer

Luciferetiket Rarely do I drink beer.  However, once in a while, malted brew catches my eye.  Such was the case with Lucifer, a Belgian golden ale brewed by Liefmans Brewery.  Naturally I got a kick out of the label's Satanic playfulness.  Yet, what sold me was the flotsam of expired yeast carcasses awash in the bottle.  Upon further inspection I discovered that Lucifer undergoes secondary fermentation sur lie in the bottle.  I wondered if this ale would possess some of that yeasty-tang that I often find & love in sur lie Muscadets.

Lucifer did not disappoint.  This brew is fiery (8.5% abv) and full of bitter flavors.  Yet it also showed a soft side with blood orange flavors and a hint of vanilla yogurt - courtesy the dearly departed yeasties.  Throw your wine palate a curveball; sip a little Lucifer ($3-4, 33cl bottle; $8-9, 750ml bottle).


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I applaud your trying and writing about beer. Do note, however, that many many beers are bottle conditioned (secondary fermentation in the bottle) in beer parlance. I hope you find and try more as many a beer will challenge the palate far more than many wines.

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