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14 November 2006

New Music Tuesday: 21st Century Disco

Satnitefever Imagine Disco had never suffered a much-scorned demise.  How might it sound today in ought-six?  Say hello to Ghostland Observatory:

Ghostland Observatory is the duo of front man Aaron Behrens and producer/drummer Thomas Turner. Behrens’ vocal style and stage performances are unique and uncompromising, and he has drawn early comparisons to Freddie Mercury and Prince. Turner is heavily influenced by electronic artists such as Daft Punk, Laurent Garnier and Green Velvet, as well as rockers such as The Animals, David Bowie, and The Clash. With their spectral blend of electronics, drums, guitar and vocals, they have emerged with a sound that is the culmination of past influence and present inspiration, and can only be described as BALLSY [emphasis not mine]

Think those are fairly lofty comparisons?  Have a listen to GO's Sad Sad City (track 1 on the menu).

Granted, I was only six years old when Travolta's hair and white suit made Disco mainstream.  I do however seem to remember around the same time a spate of ads for Asti Spumanti and Riunite on Ice..that's nice! (aka chilled Lambrusco from the Italian wine region, Emilia-Romagna).  So it seems Northern Italian vino had the corner on 70s Disco refreshment.  Perhaps we should give the Sicilians the opportunity to quench our 21st Century Disco thirst..

Regaleali Get down with Tasca d'Almerita's Regaleali Bianco Sicilia IGT, 2005 (~$11).  Big Parks gives this white blend of 3 Sicilian varietals (Inzolia, Cataratto, Grecanico) the magic 90 point score (which means you best track it down now before it disappears).  I do have to agree with his observation that T.d'A.'s bianco is surprisingly crisp and fresh considering how far in Italy's steamy, sunny south the vines are.  Regaleali defies expectations with a zesty mouthfeel coupled to scents that can best be described as a vanilla-peach cream soda-pop minus HFCS.  This wine is indeed simple, but also unique and refreshing.  Give it a go while boogeying to Ghostland Observatory.

PS: Regaleali, imported by Winebow, also makes a fabulously funky rosato.


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Those Inzolia and Grecanico grapes have to be the best kept secret in the wine world. Sicily's industry can only be just gearing up now. Here's another great 2005 white called Corvo.

East Village Wine Geek

Great band. Having a dinner party this weekend and it will start with asti and Ghostland observetory. And also a little "fever" sountrack action. I live in NYC so it will all fit like a glove. Cheers!



Marcus -
I have sampled that Corvo, it is indeed quite apple-y

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