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27 November 2006

Superieur Valu

Most of us don't bid on Bordeaux futures.  Most of us don't regularly sip Bordeaux from top Chateaux.  And most of us wouldn't consider ourselves Bordeaux experts because of the aforementioned factors.  As a result, most of us (AKA average wine drinkers) usually avoid wading too deeply into the Cabernet/Merlot waters of this end of France's wine pool.  Rather than tiptoe-ing around Bordeaux, how about diving in with the superieur assistance?

The Bordeaux Superieur appellation consists of mostly humble, straightforward wine.  However, far from generic wine, many B-Superieur offer tasty Bordeaux character at even tastier prices.  Do you need proof of this Superieur phenomenon?  Make Chateau Recougne 'exhibit A' in your examination of Bordeaux Superieur.

Recougne The Skinny

Chateau Recougne Bordeaux Superieur 2003 ($13)

  • 13% abv, imported by Ex-Cellars Wine Agencies, blend of 75% Merlot, 15% Cabernet Sauvignon and 10% Cabernet Franc
  • A deep indigo wine fading to ruby, with a pink rim.
  • Intense scents of blackcurrant, clove spice and cedar wood; with hints of licorice and birch beer.
  • Chateau Recougne jumps on the palate with chewy tannins and spicy flavors.  The wine then pulls back a bit to reveal a ripe cherry flavor, followed by a long, if slightly underwhelming, finish.
  • Verdict: This is the perfect wine with which to introduce yourself & others to Bordeaux terroirRecommended
  • Give it a try with pasta in meat sauce, pot roast or mushroom risotto.

PS - bonus points go to anyone who knows how to pronounce, "Recougne."

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I guess I get bonus points. I knew there was a reason I lived in France for so damn long.


"Recougne."----> re-coo-nya?

Garry Clark

Its just like racoon but with an e instead of an a. Re - koon.



'ray-koon' ?


Justfound your it. If you (or your readers) are interested in finding out a little more about the wines of Bordeaux, then take a trip over to my new blog - Red Vin Man (

I'm an amateur enthusiast...but being on the ground here in France helps!


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