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03 December 2006

Last Call for the Juice Crew

Bjuicecrew_2 Attention fellow Basic Juicers!

The end of the year is fast approaching and our inaugural Juice Crew Red barrel still has a few lonely cases up for adoption.  If you've hemmed-n-hawed, or otherwise been a little reticent in committing to our Rhone blend, think about this: Crushpad will be featured in next week's Fortune magazine, and as such, all Crushpad wines are likely to become insanely popular.  Who knows, someday your bottle of JCR could go for mucho dinero on eBay.  But why would you want to sell this extra tasty Grenache-Petit Sirah-Syrah?  Grab a case, put it away and taste a bottle every year for the next 12 years.  Don't delay, sidle up to the Juice Crew today.  Simply visit Crushnet (Crushpad's online community), find the Juice Crew, join up and/or request 1 or more case allocations at $216-a-pop.


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