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07 December 2006

Memories 12/7

In life, the older one becomes, the faster time flies.  In blogdom, time seems somehow compressed.  For example, if you've been regularly blogging for one year, you're considered an old blogpro.  The age of this blog is a geriatric 2.5 years old.  So, from a very old blogger to all the less-old bloggers, allow me to pose this question:  If you posted on 7 December 2005, what did you write about?  Are you proud/embarassed of your post?  My year-old post is what ignited my passion for Austrian wine and powered me towards pulling off LAWA.  A memorable post for little old Basic Juice.

Let's all go back in time one year and dust off our year-old posts.  Feel free to add links/editorials to yours in the comments.

December 7, 2005: Zig, Zag, Sproing!

Time for free association:

Austrian Wine

SabathistyriaWhen I see those words side-by-side, my head goes right to Grüner Veltliner.  Perhaps some Austrian wine lovers might think "Riesling."  But, I'd bet serious dough that nary a soul's brain conjures up memories of unique Sauvignon Blanc-based wines.  With the help of Emily from Wine Monger, I've begun a tour into Sauvignon Blanc from Austria's "Tuscany" - otherwise known as Styria.

I kicked things off with Jaunegg's 'Knily' Sauvignon Blanc.  It was more Viognier than Sauvignon Blanc.  Next I sampled VIN’O Tscheppe Czamillonberg Sauvignon Blanc 2002.  This wine offered traditional SB flavors, yet with the added heft of barrique aging.  S.Blanc #3 is from Erwin Sabathi: Sabathi 'Merveilleux' Sauvignon Blanc 2002.  While the Jaunegg zigged and the Tsceppe zagged, Sabathi's Merveilleux sproinged in a completely different direction.

The SkinnySabathimerveill
Sabathi 'Merveilleux' Sauvignon Blanc 2002 ($50)

  • From Styria (southern Austria)
  • Medium yellow gold in color with a thin, distinct pale gold rim
  • After the first sniff, my brain computed: barrel-aged Chardonnay.  It is full of vanilla, peach and pear scents.  There also seems to be a little lemon meringue going on in the background
  • Merveilleux is richly textured with a full body.  Yet it does possess enough balancing acidity to avoid going down the sloppy-barrel-booty path.  I detected flavors of vanilla yogurt along with some tropical fruit - mango & pineapple.  The wine offers a lengthy finish, which makes it ideal for sipping in the absence of food

**** (4 stars out of 5)
A bit pricey? yes. Unique & well made? Also, yes.

While I nearly eschewed food with this wine, I decided to pair it with a stew of braised pork shoulder, veggies and persimmon.  The wine's rich flavors echoed and complimented the rich and exotic character of the stew.

If you do decide to purchase this wine, I like Bill, recommend patience.  Try it in a year or two.  Or knock yourself out, invest in a couple bottles and let them get some beauty rest for another three/four years.


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Beau, I can't help but feel that you just read my blog - today is its first anniversary. Either that or you are chimerically clairvoyant! Anyhoo, among other things that I wrote on my very first post, "The Future, Post Pink-Slip" (, was the following fractured haiku:

"Today, my heart beats!
Your encouragement fuels me.
Et tu, A Sante!"

I sure appreciate your encouragement this past year, O Venerable One.


Oh, geez. You know mine's not a wine blog. A year ago today I blogged about how I started my blog (sort of).

And I'll see your year-ago post and raise you another year: Two years ago I wrote about some funny stuff that happened while teaching.

Thanks for the incentive to go back in time, Beau. :)


Grief, doesnt a year ago seem like.. well a longer time ago than a year!

My post on the 7th is short. It mentiones problems and possible disruption in the blog. Thing is I can't remember what were the problems (more than just switching blog hosts I am sure).


WH - Well-aged Burgundy makes me clairvoyant. Send me some, and I'll tell you your future!


Oh, but now we're talking about "reverse memories". (I think.)

Well, here's the Catch (22): I'll honor your clairvoyance, Beau, if you can guess the year and the label of the venerable Burgundy I'm gazing fondly at right now. And wow - you could start a whole new genre: wine reviews from the future!


I posted on Rancho Sisquoc. You can find it here:

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