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12 December 2006

MT: 5 Random Folk + Pierre's Reserve

5 Random Folk Tunes for Music Tuesday

  1. Tiny Idyll - Jolie Holland
  2. Decatur, or, Round of Applause for Your Step-Mother! - Sufjan Stevens
  3. Diamond Shoes - Tift Merritt
  4. Rainsquall - Richard Buckner
  5. One Life Away - M. Ward

+ Pierre's Reserve

Sparr For $11-$12 one can't expect too much.  However, when a winery displays sizable cajones and/or marketing hoo-ha, and adds, "Reserve," to the label - well, let's just say my expectations hath been raised.  Pierre Sparr Reserve Gewurztraminer 2004 (imported by WJ Deutsch & sons) met my slightly higher expectations via a rarely used device in modern winemaking - a little something called restraint.  Most bargain-bin Gewurztraminer (no 'ü' in Alsace)  is one dimensional.  Some low rent G'traminer offers only one big whiff of lychee (litchi/lychi).  Others simply steamroll the palate with XL-alcohol or copious quantities of residual sugar.  However, Pierre's reserve brought a little complexity and restraint to the table.  This wine is replete with scents of lychee, along with ripe peach and Mandarin orange.  In the mouth, Sparr's Gewurz is indeed hefty (as is almost always the case with Gewurztraminer).  Yet the wine didn't overpower any of the food paired to it - definitely a sign of alcohol & sugar restraint.  Try Pierre's reserve with salmon sashimi, Asian-spiced spare ribs, or even edamame.


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