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28 January 2007

Baby Wine Notes

Bjuicecrew_3 The Juice Crew is in the process of making a slamming Rhone blend.  Robin, one of our crewchiefs, got to taste the wines that will make up the blend.  Some notes:

Syrah: I really didn't get much of a lingering impression. Seems like it still needed to finish it's primary fermentation. Kian [the winemaker] said it needed racking off the lees to release the C02s.

Next the petite syrah: much more distinctive, licorice and lavendar, hefty. My hubby found it too perfumey to his taste but I think it will be great. But it's huge.

Last, the grenache. They only have 2 barrels of it, and I am very glad one says "jarvis". It was the most approachable of anything I tasted (except maybe one of Dain's Pinots). I don't know if it's a good thing or not that we liked it as is, right now. Does that mean it has the 'structure'? What do I know - but it was great! And not fruity sweet at all. More like a nice pinot noir.

I'm not sure how theyll blend. Like having Serena Williams (the petite syrah) and Helen Mirren (yes, the grenache) over for dinner - both very interesting, but what would the conversation be like? (oh, maybe I take my metaphors too far..)

Remember if you're a Juice-Crew-er, get to the group tasting on Feb. 10 @ 2pm at Crushpad.


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