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16 January 2007

GW + Wine

Earth From the SeattlePI:  Global Warming + Washington =

"Wine grapes in Eastern Washington will be pushed to the upper limit of their temperature tolerance range, meaning they'll have to move uphill or to other regions. Cooler areas, such as Western Washington, may become more suitable for grapes."

Of course those new vines might be just a bit too toasty..

"Increased carbon dioxide will mean bigger trees, while higher temperatures increase the incidence of wildfire. The number of acres burned will increase by 50 percent by 2020 and by 100 percent by 2040, so the annual cost of fighting wildfires may exceed $75 million by 2020 -- 50 percent higher than the current expenditures. That cost will double by 2040"

Meanwhile in Spain..

"Xavier Sort is Technical Director at Miguel Torres SA, the Barcelona-based producer of Sangre de Toro wine. He worries: “Any increase in temperature in Spain may make it impossible to produce wine in lower areas.” Currently, his company is buying fields in the peaks of north eastern Spain, where the weather is cooler. “There may be a move of wineries into the Pyrenees in the future,” said Sort."


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As much as An Inconvenient Truth upset me on several levels, one thing that really stuck with me was concern over what's going to happen to certain wine regions--including the one where I live and work, which is predicted to be under water if the warming continues as such.


Farley -
Indeed. It's easy to dismiss global warming if you don't know much about it, or if you think it won't affect you. The little catch is that it's "global". In other words, we're all in for serious inconveniences unless we take action.

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