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08 January 2007

Dear Wine Bandit

Hamburglar Dear Wine Bandit,

I know, I know; normally I don't go ga-ga for California wine.  And yes, I didn't place the bottle in question on that 'special wine' shelf.  But didn't you happen to notice the wine's vintage before you made pasta sauce with it?  I mean, it clearly stated on the bottle: 1994.  Now, I know you'll defend yourself by saying, "It was a just a Chardonnay.  I thought someone brought it to a party."  Non, Mme.  That wine was Santa's Christmas gift to his jolly self.  Sigh.

The Skinny:


Kalin Cellars Cuvee LD Sonoma Chardonnay 1994 (~$40)

  • What was left of the wine (1/3 glass) certainly looked deep golden in color with a slightly rusted rim.
  • Perhaps I would have been able to smell the ripe tangerine, vanilla, floral and gamey scents of this wine had I sampled a full glass.
  • Oh, this wine would have been rich, decadent and hypnotic (had I been able to drink 1 or two glasses).
  • Verdict: Highly Recommended (I imagine).

Check out Kalin's Pinot or Semillon.

Has the wine bandit ever struck at your abode?


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oh, the humanity...

Lenn bandit knows better than to mess with me.

She cowers in fear ;)


Well, how was the pasta sauce, Mr. Kringle?


Mmm, Santa will be making a list and checking that wine shelf twice!


I'm investing in a taser/rabid dog security system for ye olde wine fridge..

And Ian, the pasta sauce was srump-diddly-umptious (how could it not have been :-P )


No bandit in our house....but perhaps that's because I am both chef and sommelier (usually and when I'm not we end up with an open liter bottle of wine instead of a normal size on a weekday!).

jens at cincinnati wine

The other day I wanted to finish my dinner with a small glass of Pelee Island Icewine. I found the empty bottle in the bar. Honey, did you or the kids finish off that whole bottle of Icewine? "I did!" That's $40 for a half bottle! "It was really good! You should buy some more!" You drank the whole bottle! "Yep!" Now I know. She likes stickies.


Jens - always hide the half bottles wayyy in the back behind magnums or bottles of bubbly.

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