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09 February 2007

Aint Nothin' But A Party

Bjcrew Attention Juice Crew:  We'll be sampling different blends for our Shiraz-Grenache-Petit Shiraz Juice Crew Red on Feb. 10th (Sat.) @ 2pm.  Head on over to Crushpad, mix and match some baby vino and then head on out to the Slow Club for some noshing.

And to those who have missed out on the Juice Crew experience, there are still a couple of cases waiting to be adopted.  Visit us at Crushnet, join the crew and grab a case today.


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The blend is in! Yo B.J. Crew, if you couldn't participate in yesterday's blending session, it sure was more fun than I could have imagined. You may not know it, but you belong to a terrifically intelligent and engaging crew o' wine-lovin' folks. You also might enjoy reading an account of our blending activity in my blog, Winehiker Witiculture; just click the URL in this comment.

It's mighty mighty!

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