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11 February 2007

Air Banding/Rerun Wine

Have you ever air band-ed?  If your answer is 'no', I shall either A) call you a liar or B) an anti-music cretin.  For those of us with little-to-no musical talent air banding/lip synching is one of life's guilty pleasures.

Who hasn't used the shower head as a mic stand-in and wailed out Highway to Hell while the Pert-Plus worked it's magic?  Perhaps you're an air guitar virtuoso who enjoys spinning around whilst doing your best Eddie V.H. Eruption axing.  We're getting to wine, I promise.  The point is that air banding is fun and highly contagious (see 'exhibit A' [click to play] below)


The problem with being an OC (that's obsessive compulsive not the OC) wine dissector/analyst is that nearly every glass of wine I sip ends up being broken down by color, scent, flavor and texture.  It's nearly impossible for to drink wine and just enjoy wine for wine's sake.  So sad.  One solution to this quandary is to take a wine, which I know well.  My personal favorite in this wine rerun category is Beaujolais Cru.  BeauJo Cru is rarely disappointing and nearly always delivers the berry-brambly flavor combo (which I can finally resist analyzing).

Like air banding...Actually, this is nothing like air banding - unless you consider both air banding and rerun wine as two of life's simple pleasures.  Then yes, air banding and rerun wine are exactly alike.

My favorite rerun BeauJo Cru of the moment is Morgon. Try G. DuBoeuf's Morgon 'Jan Descombes' 2005 ($10).  It delivers great Gamay character and I don't feel compelled to dissect it.  Ok, Ok, I'll dissect a little - I have discovered a nifty Beaujolais trick:  Chill it down, open the bottle and let the wine air out for about an hour or so.  You'll get even more berryliciousness.

What song do you air band to?  Do you have a fave rerun wine?


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Hi Beau,

I airband to almost any U2 song and "In the Air Tonight" by Phil Collins. But I gotta tell you, I saw that episode of Scrubs (with the air band prohibition) for the first time a few days ago and I was on the floor laughing so hard.


J - That Scrus epi, was indeed a classic. And, as many folks ha-ha/gaffaw Phil, try listening to 'in the air tonite' without singin/airbanding. Na, ga, happen.


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