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12 February 2007

Crewd Mix

Juicecrew_1 Read the Winehiker's account of the Juice Crew blending party @ Crushpad.  Looks like we got ourselves an interesting, if not quirky, Rhone blend..

"A rain-soaked Bryant street in San Francisco’s outer Mission district seems a fitting scene for an unassuming concrete warehouse. Its public entrance, no more than a recess in a broad wall abutting a sidewalk, appears to disrupt an only in the City incongruity of spray-paint graffiti and trellised vines. Vindu and I clamber down a short stairwell into the bowels of the building to behold what appears to be a basic, bare-bones winemaking operation.

Welcome to CrushPad!"  Continue reading @ California Wine Hikes.


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Aaron Olson

I swear I'm not smuggling out the rest of the Eaglepoint wines we used for "comparative analysis".:)



Gee, I don't know, Aaron - I think that first photo in my post may prove otherwise. Just look at that bulging shopping bag! :)

I, however, did smuggle 'em out. But I had to swallow 'em first!

Beau, thank you for the link love (he said, quirkily).

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