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19 February 2007

Remember me?

Hello there.  Remember me?  I was once considered a star in the wine world.  I could wow you with fresh redcurrant and raspberry scents, whilst I simultaneously worked the black pepper mill and opened a jar of potpourri.  I always carried a square of subtly-rough sandpaper in one hand and my silk vest kerchief in the other.  In short, I was everything you could ever possible want in a glass of red wine.

Alas, my loudmouth cousin has been stealing the spotlight of late.  He's a likable bloke; but let's just say he doesn't do nuance (nor does he know how to make pleasant dinner conversation).  At every party, he unscrews the berry preserves, whips out the pepper shaker and then performs this annoying party trick, which involves asphalt.  It's beyond me, but people seem to like it.

Honestly, though - isn't it time to return to the original; a classic?  Call me sometime..

Guigalch E. Guigal Crozes-Hermitage 2003 ($20-$30) - 100% Syrah (not Shiraz - technically the same grape, but stylistically, a completely different wine), which by the way, seems like something else entirely when compared to Shiraz.  From the Northern Rhone Valley.  Deep ruby red in color with a wide, rusty rim.  This C-H is entirely elegant with scents of just-ripe red raspberry, a dash of black pepper and a touch of purple flowers (no idea what kind, but in my mind these blossoms be purple).  Crisp, silky and subtle in the mouth.  The perfect wine with hearty risotto or petit filet.


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