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21 February 2007

Syrah, Quit Your Whining

Syrah, you're in quite the whiny mood.  On one hand, I empathize with you.  Indeed, it is certainly frustrating to be overshadowed by an overly chatty sibling.  But at least your sibling has a different name.  Yes, I know, "Shiraz," is very similar to "Syrah."  On the other hand, my new world counterpart carries the exact same name as I.  You at least have the benefit of slightly different letters.  I, Grenache, am constantly overshadowed by "Grenache."

Vacqueyras_1 Sadly, most Grenache lovers enjoy my simpleton sibling's style.  That easy-going, fruity character is easy to like.  But it's also easy to forget.  Few wine drinkers are even aware of my classic, more earthy expression.  Hey!, Hi-C-drinking Grenache lovers.  Do you know I can do meat, dried rosemary, tart cherry and anise?  Yup, I got mad depth as the kids say.  I'm not asking you to give up the happy-happy Grenache, rather, I implore you to get serious about your Grenache for once.  I promise you won't regret it.

Perrin Vacqueyras 'Les Christins' 2004 ($20) - With a little help from some Syrah (25% in the blend), this 75%-Grenache wine reveals an entirely new dimension for this easy-to-overlook grape.  Perrins "V" (I couldn't possible type that word again) is replete with meaty, herby scents accented with tangy cherry notes.  The wine is hefty by Rhone Valley standards.  However, by Aussie/Nuevo-Spain/Cali/Washington standards, it is svelte.  In the mouth V is rich, with a slightly raspy, tannic kick.  Try it with something roasted like wabbit or chicken.


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