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05 February 2007

The Aussie Signature?

Jhan I may be crazy..

It seems every red Australian wine carries a typical scent signature.  Whether it's Shiraz, Grenache, Mourvedre, or any of the permutations of "GSM" blends, I can nearly always sniff out an Aussie.

The tell-tale scent can best be described as, "blackberry preserves, with a hint of pepper and dash of asphalt."  Yes, asphalt isn't the most savory of descriptors, but I believe it aptly completes what my nose detects in most any glass of Aussie red.

So the question is this:  Does anyone else detect this Australian scent signature?  Any hypotheses as to what actually causes it?  Or is it just me?


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Yes. Not everything I've tasted from Australia has it, but most do. I usually refer to it as "Aussie Funk" in my notes.

I think the asphalt is spot on.



I think you've hit it on the nose (pun intended) but it's particularly true of Aussie Shiraz I think.

I've never identified it as asphalt...but that definitely works.


How about 'funky Aussie asphalt'?

I wonder if it is an identifiable scent compound that's unique to Australian grapes, or if it comes through in the vinification. It's such a mystery!


Hmm, definitely come across blackberry jam and pepper in a fair few Aussie Shiraz wines, but one of the interesting things about Shiraz here in Australia is that many people think it's a "chameleon," without a clearly identifiable varietal stamp. Certainly, put a Hunter Valley Shiraz made in the traditional style (medium bodied, acid driven, a "lighter" wine) up against a Barossa version and you could well be forgiven for thinking they were made from utterly different grapes.

art predator

Australian asphalt? is that different from California asphalt? how about Bakersfield asphalt?

I'm just falling in love with Aussie wines and haven't found any asphalt. Maybe it's cuz the ones I'm drinking are from Grateful Palate? Have you tried the Chris Ringland Ebenezer? 2006 shiraz from Barossa?

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