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29 March 2007

Riesava? Schiesling?

The Kerner varietal was bred in 1969 after such successful (both semi- and un-) German corossings as Scheurebe, Huxelrebe and Faber. It was born in Württemberg, Germany from a red grape papa (Schiava) and Riesling. Rather than being named Riesava or Schiesling, it was named 'Kerner' after a local songwriter renowned for his drinking songs.

Kerner "Neunundneunzig Flaschen voller Wein an der Wand..."

The Skinny
Abbazia di Novacella (Stiftskellerei Neustift) Kerner "Valle Isarco" 2004 ($19)

  • From Italy's Alto Adige region
  • 100% Kerner
  • Very pale white gold in color
  • Fresh fruit scents of white peach & pear.  There also seems to be some apple cider notes as well
  • Lush, fresh flavors of nectarines with a little citrus zip. Simple, yet quite pleasant and drinkable. Overall, I would say this wine tastes something like a young, chubby Riesling.  It is indeed hefty, but possesses plenty o' acid to balance everything out

Try it with asparagus soup or pasta and fresh veggies.


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I am not sure if you can find it in the US, but you should try Abbazia di Novacella's higher end wines, the Praepositus line. These monks sure know what they are doing!


Brendan - I haven't had the pleasure of trying A-di-N's higher end offerings. I hope to visit the brethren in their cellar some day soon though!


It is the first time that I know the background of something that I will drink. Also it is a great way to impress your girlfriend.

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