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06 April 2007

An Ode to the Double-V

Spring has sprung
Hear the singing birdie
Time for Vinho Verde!

Though overlooked by many 'serious' wine lovers, VV is hands down one of the best, if not the best, value in the white wine universe.  Why?  Let me count the ways..

  1. VV is usually in the $8-$10 range
  2. V.Verde offers a dose of zing (acidity), some petillance and tasty lemon-lime-pear flavor
  3. Vinho Verde pairs with almost any springtime picnic basket food - crusty bread and cheese, ma's potato salad, fried chicken, deviled eggs, &c
  4. At 8-11% alcohol b.v., VV won't turn brunch into a prelude to a mental fog-filled day
  5. Did I mention it is cheap?

Learn more about NW Portugal's cheerful, slightly spritzy gem here.

Vinho_verde_3 Broadbent Vinho Verde NV ($10) - a blend of 3 traditional VV grapes (notice the absence of Albarino/Alvarinho, which is actually not a traditional V.Verde grape): Loureiro, Trajadura and Pederna.  This wine is bracingly crisp, with surprisingly fresh fruit flavors of citrus and pear.  It's light, simple and easily loved.  Give it a try with your first brunch or picnic of spring.



Ah yes, beautiful day today and your post makes me feel like i have to seek out some VV to welcome in spring! Cheers for the write up, I forgot how much I loved this treat!


Ryan - Indeed, the VV is easy to overlook. But a great wine at mostly low prices is something to always have on hand!

Do the Spaniards have a VV equivalent?


I loves me some VV in the spring and summer.

Thanks for the reminder I've overlooked it as well so far!

Then's been cold here!


so jealous! when will it be vv time here in new york? Tell me Beau! Oh, sorry, you don't control the weather. *sigh*

if you know who that is, tell them we need some weather over 50 degrees here in Brooklyn!


Last week was a 'spring-psyche' here too. We got frozen grass in the back yard this morning! Back to Bucklin Syrah for me, for now..

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