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04 April 2007

Better Still than Eva

While I was pleasantly surprised at Longoria's snappy Albariño, this is something that completely floored me: A character-full, age-worthy Tempranillo from the Santa Y.

Longoria Santa Ynez Valley Tempranillo Clover Creek Vineyard 2004 ($~35) - Winemaker Rick Longoria indicates that this wine is made in the 'Old World Spanish' style.  To admitted California  cynics like myself, this might seem to be so much marketing hoo-ha.  However, I doff my cap to the Longorians - they have created a wine that offers the essence of Spanish Tempranillo - a la Rioja or Ribera del Duero - whilst adding a very subtle New World twist.

Longoria's Tempranillo is deep ruby red in color with scents of fresh 'forest berries' (wild blue-, rasp- and strawberries), tobacco and a touch of cedar.  In the mouth, this wine is right chewy with hearty American Oak-derived tannins.  To get the most from this wine, let it breathe for an hour or more before serving, or, better yet, lay it down for 3 years or so.  It is extraordinarily age-worthy.  A fine wine at a very fair price.  Sip it with grilled sirloin or spicy sausage and you'll certainly agree this wine is better still than Eva!





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