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11 April 2007

From The Annals of Unfortunate Adjectivery

Or how to describe the color of Vina Gravonia

I poured a glass of 1995 Vina Gravonia blanco, marveled at its intense deep gold-yellow color and asked the missus, "Hey, how would you describe the color of this wine?"

Her response? Very sophisticated...

"It looks just like morning pee"

Never let it be said that mi amiga aint brimming with class.

Vgravonia1995 The Skinny
R. Lopez de Heredia Vina Gravonia Crianza 1995 (~$24)

  • Imported from Rioja, Spain by USA Wine Imports
  • 100% Viura (AKA Macabeo) aged in wood for 4 years (R. Lopez takes Rioja aging to the extreme - for example, its Gran Reserva red is aged 6 years in wood)
  • Vina Gravonia offers scents of caramel, wood, citrus and earth.  At nearly 12 years old, you won't find many snappy fruit scents in this senior citizen-in-a-bottle
  • The wine, surprisingly, is full of crisp acidity mated to subdued flavors.  It will shine with cream-based sauces or soft, funky cheeses.

Try it for something entirely different in the white wine world.  But please, find another adjective to describe its color.


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I'm a doctor, of course it colors how I look at things!


"Annals" might also be an unfortunate noun...


How about, "from the bowels of Unfortunate Adjectivery".....?

Better?? Is this thing on?


Ever since you posted about this wine I was looking for an excuse to open a bottle of it. Finally did today and it is quite nice. Thanks for introduceing me to something new and delicious.

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