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17 April 2007

non sequitur Tuesday

Br23 Blonde Redhead
Something of an airy, stripped down, more melodic Portishead (note I am obviously not a music critic).  Listen here

German Pinot Gris
Were I to ask you what countries are known for their Pinot Gris/Grigio, Germany would likely be utterly absent from your list, or perhaps, registering somewhere in the 40s - after Argentina. Heger Pinot Gris 'Sonett' 2004 ($20-ish), imported by Rudi W, brings German PG one step closer to notoriety by not using the German name for this gray mutant Pinot Clone - Grauburgunderwerdenwienerwaldseinworden (sp?).  As with most P.Gris, Heger is more about texture than flavor.  This German offers a nifty viscous mouthfeel accented by light flavors of fresh pineapple and orange.

Great Service in SLC
Salt Lake City is not known to be one of the great dining cities of the world (unless one counts salt water taffy).  However, this reputation is undeservered as there are many restaurants offering very good, innovative dishes.  Unfortunately, service is a concept all too often absent from most establishments.  Example 1: "Can I reserve one of the tables by the fireplace?" "No."....(dead air, and yes this actually happened).  Example 2: "Excuse me, our entrees are cold." "I'm terribly sorry." (takes entrees, returns 5 minutes later with same cold entrees on warm plates! - again, this actually happened).  The one and only restaurant, at which I can guarantee unfailingly good service is SLC's high end, posh spot, The Metropolitan.  Now, if I can only get them to eighty-6 a few of the $18+ by-the-glass wine offerings...


Amanda Bowers

On a lower end of the pricing scale ( the Met. is great ..... even better on an expense account ) is :

Faustina ( downtown )
Epic ( Murray )

Both are more casual than the Met. and easier on the budget, but they are one of the rare few in SLC that actually "get" that service is part of the experience !

On a side note ..... thanks for all your blog info. I found it somewhere months ago and periodically read posts , and had no idea you were right here in Salt Lake !



Tried Faustina once and was under-whelmed. I'll give it a 2nd shot.

I haven't visited Epic yet. Will give it a try and tell them you sent me ;)

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