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07 May 2007

1 + 1 =! 3

What exactly do you think this label is attempting to convey?


An unexpected value?
A rule-breaking, iconoclastic Spanish bubbly?
A jab at arithmetic?
A very poor 1st grade teacher?

Would that this mathematical expression equated to super tasting value Cava.  1+1=3 is a very serviceable sparkling wine.  However, at $13, I'll take the S to the V at ninedamndollars (or $6!) every day of the week.  It's just as good, and to my palate, it offers a bit more yeasty/toasty goodness.  However, if you're a grade school teacher, you may feel compelled to buy every bottle of "1-plus" in the store just so you can correct the label.


A more apt & honest label.


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I don't know exactly what it means but I think that label is ridiculous because they could find other perfect name to that wine, that's so rare.


I can't undestand how the the owner of this wine can reach to that answer, who is he? Stephen Hawking that found a mathematically way to get this conclusion, anyway it's too smart and unique, something different.

S.P. Mulligan

heehee. funny post. I will read this blog now.


I knew the answer but I can't remember it at this moment. I know was because of a weird fact, but as I told you I can't remember it.


I like to give it as a baby shower gift. Then, the equation makes sense.

Lida diet pills

Yes, this label creators did not study mathematics in school.

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