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18 May 2007

Grandpa's Attic

Attic So I'm in Minneapolis, walking down Nicolette Mall.  It's a beautiful spring day.  Birds are singing; Midwestern folk are enjoying the balmy weather.  I see a sign for a wine shop.  I walk through the door and nearly trip over a couple dozen cases of wine strewn, seemingly at random, across the aisle.  A bit perplexed, I continue through the store foyer and into its center.  I notice $9 wine here, $89 wine there.  It appears as if the store specializes in Burgundy and Bordeaux, but I can't make heads or tails of the organization scheme (if there is one).  The Aussies are opposite the Port, while a few bottles of Prosecco are wedged betwixt the Burgundy.

Now, I know a little something about wine, but after spending 5 minutes in the store, I was A) completely confused and B) utterly disconcerted.  I felt as if I were rummaging through my grandpa's attic.  How would most 'run-of-the-mill' customers react to this entropic wine shopping experience?  I, for one, grabbed a lonesome bottle and high-tailed it out of the cardboard and glass flotsam & jetsam that was this shop.

Give me organization in a wine shop - I'll sacrifice a little selection for order.  But please, for the love of [insert fave deity here], make the shop navigable!


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I agree! I went to a radically different wine shop when I was in NYC yesterday. Vino, on East 27th Street, specializes in Italian wine. Wines are arranged by growing region and the staff is so friendly!
I wonder how much wine the store you visited DOESN'T sell because wine consumers plain can't find it.

Wine and Stories from the Vineyard Blog


While I prefer a well organized store with a unique selection, a poorly organized store does prevent me from search for my favorites, and sometimes I find something unique or delious as a result.
So I guess well organized and unique is better than random which is better than well organized with a boring selection

Hannah Valentine

I think I know *exactly* where you were, and I agree... it's a maze going through there. Very aggravating.


Hannah - I have a hunch you do indeed know where I was - darn near bruised a shin on one of the 100 boxes in the 'aisle'!

Ryan - I have been in wine shops that are less-organized and yield gems whilst wondering the store. My beef with this shop is that it was frankly impossible to wander - too cramped, boxes blocking bottles, etc.

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