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11 May 2007

On the road to 70

70_2 Some frightening math for you: 35 + 35 = 70.

I have this friend who just turned 35.  I want to help, uh, him celebrate in style.  He is most definitely a lover of odd/obscure vino.  Which of my three choices would befit a half-septuagenarian?

1. Bbbbandol, Baby - A meaty, Mourvedre-based red wine from Provence.  The candidate: Domaine du Gros Nore Bandol Rouge 2003

2.  White du Pape - While not as full of diverse grape varietals as red Chateauneuf-du-Pape, white d-P is often a rare treat.  The candidate: Chateau de Beaucastel C-d-P Blanc 1999

3.  Zerious Zweigelt - No, Zweigelt is rarely considered a classic wine.  However, in the hands of my friends, err my friend's friends The Müller's of Domäne Müller, Zweigelt can be downright epic.  The candidate: Domäne Müller 'Der Zweigelt' 2000

So which wine should I select for my friend in order to help him continue along the downward spiral experience-rich path to 70?


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mmmm... bandol... and happy birthday to you, uh, friend!



I would go for Bandol too. The ageing potential is definetly there and it could be drunken young too (thus it is a flexible wine).



Ann/Alexis: You were both correct. My 'friend' grabbed the Bandol and wallowed in its heavy-duty style. Reports are that he still is depressed and being so old..


Hmm. My choice would have been "Yes."

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