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26 June 2007

New Music Tuesday: Sub-32F Juveniles

Cwk Any band*, which aspires to evoke DF Wallace & his E Unibus Pluram essay, is a shoe-in to occupy bytes/101010 on my iPod.  The fact that the Kids** sing about Red Wine*** makes them easy to enjoy (or, "leicht zum Geniessen," as my Teutonic friends might say [were my Teutonic friends applying English grammar rules to the rather different German grammatical lexicon]).

*Unless said musical group were named, "The Infinite Jesters," or recorded an album called, "12 Interviews with Hideous Men."

**You may already be unknowingly familiar with the Kids from the tune, Hang me up to dry.  A catchy ditty if I do say so myself.

**Ironically, I enjoyed a glass of Los Arcos Sherry while toe-tapping to this sticky (and by sticky I mean 'catchy') melody.


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