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04 July 2007

3 for the 4th

Mounti4_1 Greetings North Americans and those 'round the globe.  Happy 140! to my Canuck cousins.  A bit belated, yes.  But look at you with your shiny parliamentary democracy.  We Yanks had something similar for a while.  But now our larded posteriors are under a new & improved form of government - a little something based on the Unitary Executive (sounds like a ballpoint pen) theory (best interpreted as: "I'm the decider and I can do whatever the $%^* I want").  Numerous party poopers are calling this as a movement towards monarchy.  A nasty term, that.  I prefer U.E.  It sounds much more, uh, as if the US is now a part of the UAE.  On 4 July, the US of A turns 231.  Happy happy to us.  What exactly happened on 07/04/1776?  Oh right.  Now, bust out the bubbly

Is this a wine blog or what? 

Indeed it is.  Wine Recommendation #1 is a tasty French white, imported by Kermit LynchChateau Graville-Lacoste 2005 ($12-$13) hails from Bordeaux.  There are good values to be had in the oft-forgotten Graves Appellation.  Graville-Lacoste is a Semillon driven wine; full of pear & pineapple scents with a curveball of butterscotch aroma.  While the wine is ever-so-slightly weighty, the flavors of lemon, lime and herb are perfect with scallops.  Go on.  Give Graves a go.  Speaking of going; I had to go/get out/flee the ungodly heat in the solar collector that is Salt Lake Valley.  The Ladyfriend and I puttered up to about 9K' and stayed at the 'bird.  Sadly, the Sunday brunch staff has replaced friendly service with the words, "no" and "you can't."   As solace for our bruised brunch efforts, I packed pink bubbly by the name of Bouvet. Wine Recommendation #2 is a CabFranc-based sparkling Loire wine.  Sip it with chips, potato salad, fried chicken, ham sammys, tuna salad, green salad Gpeak_1 or egg salad.  Finally, if you're going to grill today, Wine Recommendation #3 is for you.  #3 is from the other, other land down under - South Africa.  Guardian Peak SMG '05 ($20ish) is the perfect wne with charbroil goodness.  It will dance with Franks and tango with TX (or NC, KC, etc.) BBQ.  G.P. SMG is jammy & spicy without heading off into spiked fruit juice land.

Remember to celebrate safely.  Happy 4th of July. Enjoy chipped beef!

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