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19 July 2007

Keep It Simple, Sucka

Mark the time: 10:21 PM MDT on a Thursday.  I have made a gross generalization about one particular category of wine - rosé.

Realrose Pink wine's astronomic position in the ever-expanding wine universe is this: Rosé is made to drink and enjoy.  No analytical tasting necessary.  I've recently (see here) sampled serious rosé and found that I was almost let down by the wine's subtlety & complexity.  In contrast, I slammed down $7.95 for a pink Garnacha from Spain and was tickled, uh, pink.  Remember the axiom, "Veidah iss betta"?  How's about this for a rosé regulation: "Keep it simple, sucka*". 

Exhibit A in support of good, simple rosé:
Marco Real Garnacha 2006 ($6-$9; imported by S. Miles Selections).  This little pink gem has everything anyone could possibly want in a summertime beverage.  It's straightforward with ultra-simple scents and flavors of strawbrerry strawberry.  After that, if the wine be chilled, it's mission on earth is to refresh you at the beach, on a picnic or in front of an AC vent.  Senor Real scores bonus points for keeping the ABV under 13% (12.5%, to be exact).  Nothing ruins a dandy rosé sipping experience more than hefty body & hot finish due to high [ethanol]. 

Currently Spain seems to be the epicenter for cheap & cheerful pink drinks.  If you can't find M. Real, I'm sure you'll come up with another rosé josé.

*And by simple, I don't mean White Zinfandel.  WZ is an abomination unto the oeno-world and should be smitten from the face of the earth.  Can I get an Amen?


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Dr. Debs

Grenache rose is where it's at. Had one myself tonight with BBQ chicken. All those years of white zin made us wary, but this is a way different Age of Rose.


Amen, my brutha!

Gabriella Opaz

I agree with you completely that Spanish rose is both affordable and generally, damn fine wine! A few nights ago, we had, yet another, grill-out complete with a bottle of Huerta de la Reina Espumoso from Bodegas de Crianza de Castilla la Vieja. Although this bottle has not been released yet, when it does, get on it! A blend of Garnacha and Tempranillo, it screams, "STRAWBERRY" with a touch of spice. It's crisp, fleshy and fruity, and strangely, the only image that comes to mind when I think of this wine is Marilyn Monroe in a red bikini lounging at the pool in Monaco. Fabulous summer wine!


DD - Set that to music: "It is the dawning of the age of rose-e-e"

WH - Yes, Lawd!

GO - Indeed the Spaniard roses are more Marilyn-in-bikini than Giselle-in-swimwear. They are sexy, robust and juicy!

Just Rose Wine

Yeah you are right the cheaper rose wines are of easy drinking style and they are the ones being most bought at the moment. However rose wine is being dubbed as the alcopop of the wine world and I hop this does not stay the case and more wineries learn about how to make proper rose wines. Proper rose wines will really start popping up in the near future as the EU has already banned mxing a bit of white and red wine to make rose....

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