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25 July 2007

The Bekaa Beckons

Say you're a war correspondent for a major newspaper.  You've been witnessing the chaos of occupation in and around Baghdad for several years.  You need a break.

Where to go?

How about slightly-less-war torn region?  How about one with great wine?  If you wish to stay in the Middle East, one idyllic-yet-occasionally-war-torn spot beckons - Lebanon's Bekaa Valley.

Bekaa Find out what the LA Times former Baghdad bureau chief and current Middle East bureau chief discovered in this unique wine-producing corner of an extraordinarily complicated part of the world:

"The summer war last year between Israel and Hezbollah didn't directly affect the vineyards. Shipments were turned back before reaching their destinations. The vineyards also could not produce an increasingly popular Beaujolais-type wine. But fortunately, the war ended two days before the harvest began.

The war was nothing compared with the larger challenges of producing wine in the Muslim Middle East, where some grape growers refuse to sell to vineyards for religious regions."

Read the full article here.


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David J Rodriguez

(Catching up on our posts-)

No mention of Serge Hochar & Chateau Musar!

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The wine of this region is the finest one, so buy a couple of bottles is wise desicion.

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I don't know what's happening in my vineyards but them all resulted affected this last summer and now are not producing what the have to.

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