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24 July 2007

You Can't Say That on Aluminum

Dryst8 I know, I know, this story is staler than 2005 Velveeta and 2006 Beaujolais Nouveau (in short, some dude had a license plate with the word, "Merlot" on it.  A morally vigilant Utahan saw it and was shocked! Shocked!!  The moral police, with nothing better to do, forced the Merlot enthusiast to surrender his vanity plates so as to avoid further offense to the eyes of pious prohibitionists).  However, in commemoration of Pioneer Day in the Beehive State, I would like to explore vanity plate options for the vino lover that may make it past the censors.

Here's what I have so far (up to 7 characters allowed, no hyphens/other special characters and no naughties!), along with an excuse should one be sequestered on suspicion of flouting the Law:

GEWURZ - What?  It means 'spice' in German
VIONYA - Excuse grandma is Russian and that's what we call her
BRGNDY - My favorite color
SUR LEE - Pardon?  Lee is my husband..
CABFRNC - My uncle Franc was an immigrant cab driver in New York
WAMM - It stands for coughcoughwinoscoughcough against moralizing ahemahemmormonsahemahem

Any suggestions for your very own subversive, oeno-positive Ski Utah! vanity plate?



We were the ones who had to surrender our CHIANTI plates. I'll let you guess what our reaction was when we received the letter from the DMV....


Crikey! I guess that deep-sixes those ASTI plates for my scooter..

el jefe

PEE NOT - I'm a urologist!

PRIOR AT - It's where I was before...

Dan Estridge

MORVADR - My kid made me do it - Star Wars, dark side fan

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