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17 August 2007

Basic Juice Top Ten

Topten_1 Yellow Tail wine's recent ad campaign displays this slogan: "Have you spotted it?"  Through a secret source, I have smuggled the top ten rejected ad slogans, out of YT HQ.  I think a few of these were definite winners..

From the Home Office in Beaver, Utah..

Top 10 Rejected Yellow Tail Wine Slogans

10. Plonk* 'R' Us

9. Yellow Tail - Because we gotta glut of wine, and you Yanks will drink anything with a cute critter on the bottle

8. Our label is in English

7. Throw a 'roo on the barbie

6. We sell most wine before its time

5. Cheaper than a gallon of gas

4. Now with Mega-Purple!

3. Not French, like what those lefty-liberal-tree-hugging-gay-hugging-readin-writin-feminazi-Prius-
drivin-wine-snob-commies drink!

2. Pairs exceptionally well with the McRib

1. A nutritious part of this healthy breakfast

*"Plonk" is also used in British English as slang for cheap, low-quality wine (from the French word "blanc" for white wine)

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How about 'Now available in new cherry flavor'!

Jules van Cruysen

I thought it already was 'Cherry Flavour' and don't give it too hard a time - its (well the Shriaz anyway) actually quite a decent wine considering the price. If it had less R/S it would be more than drinkable. Don't bee to hard on those who bring wine to the masses. I like to think of Yellowtail just like pot - a gateway drop!


hmmm yellowtail = pot, I'm getting an interesting visual!

I disagree with Dan, I thought the flavor was distinctly cherry-vanilla, with a hint of red #5..


Seriously though Jules, my problem with the likes of YT, isn't that it intros wine to the masses (which is a good thing). The problem as I see it is that YT might give wine-newbies the impression that label-shopping (like garanimals) is the way to go when selecting wine.

However, I suppose that's not much different than surfin the aisles for the '90!' wines...


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