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05 August 2007

Northwest Oasis

Seldom does a Sherry lover run across such an Oasis:

Imagine, a Sherry flight in an innovative little spot called, "Salt".  Salt Tasting Room is the place for those who enjoy exploring a little flavor alchemy involving wine, cheese and cured meat.  Needless to say, the emphasis on Sherry in the tasting experience rubbed me the right way.


If you ever find yourself in beautiful Vancouver, BC, make your way to Gastown and sit, sip & sample to your heart's content at Salt.

Naturally, my favorite pairing was an Oloroso with Stilton and a dab of honey.  A rich flavor package of funk, salt and sweet.  It made me feel just little bit decadent, and just a bit nasty (but in a very pleasant way).


More Salt pix


Sparse & chic decor in the tasting room


Meat slicer and golden oinker - what's not to like?


Cheese, meat and condiment specials o'the day on the blackboard.


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David J Rodriguez

my last dinner in NYC before flying out of that frying pan & back in to my tropical home fire was at 'Il Buco'--
--where I had the Vermont Bayley Hazen Blue washed in (I think) Lustau's Pata de Gallina Oloroso!

How's you? haven't heard from Robin or Crushpad in a while...


Sounds like a great place to taste wine! I'm always up for a flight of sherries! Did they have a wide selection of producers or was it more just a wide variety of styles?


DJR - stay tuned, we have a Juice Crew update coming very soon..

Ryan -The Sherry-nirvana (AKA 'Salt') did indeed offer both a wide range of styles and producers. The best Sherry selection I can remember seeing in a resto. Check it out!


I attended Salt this evening with my ladyfriend in celebration of my B-Day.
Very Impressive. The sherry unreal. Fantastic Reporting. Thanx Man


Salt was absolutely devine! While my bf knew immediately he wanted the flight of sherry...I am too the wine steward prepared a flight of wines for me to try...of course paired with an appropriate combination of local meats, cheeses, nuts, condiments and fruit. The staff was friendly and knowledgable (Gave us a nice little run-down on each sherry, wine and menu item) and the atmosphere was too cool (you enter from Blood Alley...the name says it all). Our new favorite place to dine in Van.

barefoot wine

The place seems interesting, but what I'm interested most is the service mentioned by Katie. It will surely included in my list of favorite hang-out.

Spanish wine

Thanks for the post. I'll try to remember this when I go to vancouver this winter

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