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03 September 2007

I do/I don't

Onnotice I do -
go for a funky, compelling glass of Rose from the Lebanese countryside with my Baba Ganooj.

I don't -
understand paying any amount of money, even 7-bucks, for wine that tastes as if it were produced by a mega-glomerate named, "ACME Wine Inc."

I do -
love to wind down the week by sipping a 9-buck bottle of Cava, eating two slices too many and watching Colbert Report reruns.

I don't -
pay $50 for a bottle of Cab/Bordeaux blend sporting 15+ percent ABV.  After 1.5 glasses, I'm too clouded to appreciate what it is I'm sipping.

I do -
appreciate alternative closures - Stelvins, Vino-Locs, etc. 

I don't -
understand why I still receive press releases linking Merlot and/or Pinot Noir to the film Sideways.  It was three years ago.  Let it go.  Please.

I do -
enjoy seeking out a new wine (Txakoli!, Santorini!, German Pinot N.!) each week at the local wine shop.

I don't -
enjoy the proceeds of the above-mentioned wine safari going into the bursting coffers of a wine-hostile regime seated in the Beehive State rotunda.

I do -
wish I had more time to sample, evaluate and wax poetic on wine.

I don't -
have any idea how many people have read this and thought, "Is this person an idiot?"

I do -
recommend revisiting (or sampling for the first time) Schramsberg's Blanc de Noirs ($30).  It is truly one of the finest domestic bubblies I have ever slurped (think: slightly overripe strawberries dipped in honey and schmeared over an oven fresh biscotti). 

I don't -
know exactly when (and if I'll have enough patience to continue waiting) I should open this bottle:  Baumard Quarts de Chaume, 2002.


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Hi. I just wanted to say hi. And I will check out the Schramsberg...

Gabriella Opaz

I DO: love when you can open a bottle of wine and still reminisce over your first experience of it, creating hours of story-telling!

I DON'T: like to drink a really fabulous wine that you want to ogle and drool over with people who'd rather be drinking a rum and diet coke.


I DO: love drinking a glass of a Rosenblum single vineyard Petite Sirah sitting in my back yard at dusk.

I DON'T: like when my brother-in-law joins me and pours his own in a water glass, just to annoy me.


Ahoy Ali! Tell me how the Schramsberg goes down.

Gabriella - Indeed. I DO like drinking great wine with one other person (sharing is noble and all, but not when it comes to the really good stuff)

Dan - I do admire your bro-in-law's Chutzpah. But I don't dig the cut of his jib!

barefoot wine

For me I do - enjoy seeking new wine. Your article very interesting, I enjoy reading it. Thanks for sharing.

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