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10 October 2007

Larry & Me

Outhouse Thanks Larry!  You have been key in introducing a robust, evocative descriptor into the hoity-toity lexicon of wine:

"But Sen. Larry Craig's contention -- made just after his arrest in a restroom sex sting -- has permeated the public consciousness, showing up as more than just the punch line to late-night talk show jokes.

The online Urban Dictionary defines ''wide stance'' as a euphemism for a closeted homosexual. David Kurtz of the blog ''Talking Points Memo'' called Craig's wide stance claim ''The Best Legal Defense of 2007.'' And Beau Jarvis, who writes about wine, travel and food on the blog ''Basic Juice,'' notes that the phrase has become less than innocent and proposes ''cleansing'' it by using it to describe a well-balanced wine."

Do you have a favorite wide stance wine?

Bonus France pic:


Lady Lib's wee sis.


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I thought that the wine, Menage a Trois table white had a pretty wine stance...

Oh and I think that there are two more little Lady Liberty's there in Paris! Good searching!


She's everywhere. I found a Lady Liberty in the Central Massif town of Saint-Etienne. Identical but smaller and with a light-bulb-like fixture installed on top of the torch!

I'll see if I can scan in the photo. It's kind of hilarious.


I imagine menage-a-3 wine must have an incredibly wide stance..


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