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06 January 2008

I can't believe it's not Stelvin!

There are those who cling to the 'romance' and 'tradition' of popping the cork prior to imbibing.  Then there are those who think such 'romance' and 'tradition' are ridiculous if these totems potentially mean stinking, spoiled wine.  Both camps have valid points.  I'm a sentimental, shmoopy sucker for the romance involved in popping the cork.  But then, If I've dropped 40 or 50 clams, and my just-popped bottle of wine smells like a box-full of soggy, old Boys Life magazines, I set up camp amongst the pro screw-cap crowd.

Merlot Must the wine lover chose between faulty corks and sterile Stelvins when it comes to bottle closure?  Would that there were a closure, which could preserve in an aesthetically appealing manner.  Thank the cosmos for Vino-Lock.  This glass stopper is much prettier than a Stelvin and, of course, more reliable than cork oak bark cylinders.

Just a few weeks ago I took home the first glass-stopped wine to appear in the wine shop.  I loved it.  And the wine wasn't too bad either.

Cusumano IGT Sicily Merlot 2006 ($12) - A simple, exuberant Merlot made more appealing by its aesthetically cool glass stopper.  This inky-purple wine offers scents of cherry jelly and baked strawberry.  Its flavors a simply tangy fruit.  Cusumano Merlot is nothing if not pleasant and eager to accompany pizza.

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Wow! a $12.00 Pizza wine with a fancy-schmancy closure? I wish I could remember what our cork broker told me they cost, but it's the most expensive option available. very interesting... nancy


The Heinrich Red from Austria also has the glass stopper. I like the glass stopper (and the wine) a lot.

David J

Josh Jensen at Calera was using it for some test bottlings when I visited back at the end of '06 Find a Video Recipe, or Add Your Own


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Although it would be really great to see you pop up more often in my rss reader, I can certainly understand when things get busy or complicated. Basic Juice is one of my hands-down favorites and of coourse,congratulations on your other work...the print world needs a huge booster shot of writers like you in their midst. Thank you for Basic Juice, take care and I'll look forward to reading you.

Katharine Carroll

I totally hear you on the "romance" involved with popping the cork as opposed to unscrewing the bottle like an old 3 liter of pepsi. While I've been a bit of a traditionalist in corking, I'm anxious to see if Yellow Jersey wines make any waves in their PET packaging. Apparently its a hard resin material that can be recycled...AND its shatter proof. I want to see if our wine educator, Gilles, thinks of it.

Rudin Dchosta

I love the wine here.

Justin Voccola

Looks wonderful.


As a wine lover, Im the first to get excited about opening a new bottle, especially one that Ive been storing for a while. I would say that at least one out of every 6 bottles that Ive "popped" has had some form of TCA -although its not the producers fault, its still annoying. I dont care what the closure looks or sounds like, I just want to enjoy my wine. The other day I stumbled onto a Laroche Pinot Noir form the south of France,stelvin closure, that was great for 14$. a strong recommendation for wednesday night appreciation!

Matt Urdan

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Wow, great page, but i understand just a little, because me english es too bad now , jaja, but, i love the wine, here in Chile, the wines are espectacular...

good luck.


noble pig

I love the stelvin and has done great in several trials where technical faults have been rated. Much better than the screwcap as far as reductive qualities are concerned. I'm all for abandoning tradition if the wine can be saved.


Stelvin is just a brand like Kapvins (screwcaps like stelvin). Screwcaps is the good term...

Niall Harbison

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I am totally down with the traditional popping of the cork however seeing wine as an everyday beverage that is also an indulgence makes the vino-lock most appealing in my opinion.


italy is indeed an expansive playing field!


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Loving your purple prose.


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