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05 August 2007

Northwest Oasis

Seldom does a Sherry lover run across such an Oasis:

Imagine, a Sherry flight in an innovative little spot called, "Salt".  Salt Tasting Room is the place for those who enjoy exploring a little flavor alchemy involving wine, cheese and cured meat.  Needless to say, the emphasis on Sherry in the tasting experience rubbed me the right way.


If you ever find yourself in beautiful Vancouver, BC, make your way to Gastown and sit, sip & sample to your heart's content at Salt.

Naturally, my favorite pairing was an Oloroso with Stilton and a dab of honey.  A rich flavor package of funk, salt and sweet.  It made me feel just little bit decadent, and just a bit nasty (but in a very pleasant way).


More Salt pix


Sparse & chic decor in the tasting room


Meat slicer and golden oinker - what's not to like?


Cheese, meat and condiment specials o'the day on the blackboard.

13 June 2006

I Need Three Eyes

Rosé wine is one of my favorite warm-weather beverages. I lived in France for 13 years, and learned to love this coral-colored delight during a couple of summers spent in the Minervois region. My daughter was conceived there, and when she was a baby, we used to joke that the color of her cheeks was the exact color of the wine that we drank so much of. (Before you start clucking your tongues, I had no idea I was pregnant, and stopped drinking as soon as I found out. And my daughter has turned out to be an intelligent, beautiful creature). Rosé became a summer tradition for my family and friends. It's perfect on its own or with a meal. 

The only thing I don't like in a rosé is too much sweetness. Don't even try to serve me a white zinfandel; I won't drink it (and I lurve wine). This isn't such an issue in France, although some rosés are sweeter than others. What I do like in a rosé is a deep color and a fruity nature. I want it to taste like a rosé; I want it to refresh me and lift my spirits.

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01 June 2006

Kaffee Bitte!

Or how to select the appropriate caffeine dosage in order to get your morning twitch Austria


Großer Brauner (gross-er brown-er) - similar to a double espresso shot, but with a wee bit more water.  One strong mofo.

Kleiner Brauner (kline-er brown-er) - similar to a single espresso shot, but a little more water (so it seems to me).  Still strong.

Verlängerter (fair-lang-er-ter) - means literally, "extended one."  Similar to a Cafe Americano (espresso with more water)

Cappuccino (wuss drink) - I ordered one and the waiter gave me a funny look.  It seems to be a shot or two of espresso with a righteous dollop of heavy duty whipped cream swimming on the surface.

Kaffee (surprise!) - Depending on where one is, this could be any number of coffee incantations.  In a hotel or B&B, Kaffee with breakfast is generally drip coffee....or *gasp!* instant coffee.  However, in a restaurant, ordering a "Kaffee" might result in additional questions from the server as to what kind.  This could be dangerous, as it may force you into attempting a detailed discussion on coffee options in German.

How to order: "Ich hätte gern einen + Großen Braunen/Kleinen Braunen/etc."
Alternate ordering method: *point to appropriate choice on menu*

Of course, if you find yourself in the town of Spitz in the Wachau Valley, you may also have the opportunity of ordering a Spitzer Kaffee.  This is a Verlängerter + Schnaps + Eilikör (egg liqueur) + dollop of whipped cream to cover everything up.  This seems like a risky drink with which to start your morning off.

All part of a morning ritual (see gallery)

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