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02 October 2006



Did you know October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month?

Were you aware that a merry band of bloggers is attempting to buoy support for a b.c. cure?  The Fifth Annual Blogger Boobie-Thon (their term, not mine) is in full swing bounce (ok, ok, my term) until Saturday, October 7th.  So jiggle on over and pledge a donation to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation.

Thank you for your support.

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02 January 2006

You Won


Chez Pim has announced the winners for the Menu for Hope II raffle.  Well over $15k was raised for UNICEF.  Many thanks to all those who donated.

And, if your name is Sheryle Kane, you are the lucky winner of the Basic Juice custom wine class.  Imagine your luck!  Drop me a line, let me know what themes might interest you and we'll get to planning one fun wine experience for you & your pals.

26 December 2005

You Gave


The money raised through Menu for Hope II went to UNICEF to aid victims of the recent earthquake in Pakistan and India.  Many thanks to everyone who gave.  The raffle prizes will be drawn and announced on January 1st.

22 December 2005

Give Til You Burst

The deadline for our Menu of Hope approaches quickly.  You've got until 12 AM PST, 24 December, to give hope for the holidays AND enter to win some amazing culinary delights (such as a personalized wine class for you & your pals).  Visit Pim's prize collage to get a nice visual of the goodies in store for those who drop a few Lincoln's (Fivers not pennies) in the name of giving.


Give Til You Burst!

12 December 2005

A Menu for Hope II

Menuforhopelogo_1Last year, Madame Pim of Chez Pim introduced, "a menu for hope."  The concept was simple: In the spirit of the holiday season, give what you can to help victims of the southeast Asian tsunami.  Pim has asked us to give again this year to help the victims of the earthquake in Pakistan & India.  But 'a menu for hope II' is more than a drive for donations.  Once you donate $5 or more, you are eligible to win a fabulous prize of your choice.  These prizes have been donated by the ever-creative community of food & wine bloggers, of which I am part.

In addition to my daily wine blogging, I also teach wine classes.  The prize I am donating to the raffle drawing is a wine class for up to ten people.  If you live in/near any metropolitan area in North America, I'll hop on a plane and bring me, the wine and a fabulously fun wine class to your door.  You can select from any of the wine classes listed at  I am also happy to build a custom class around the interests of you & your friends.  All this for a donation of five bucks (or more)!

I urge you to hop on over to Pim's, take a look at the great prizes and then give (at First Giving) what you can.  You'll be helping someone in need and you'll also be eligible to experience one of the world's most fun and informative wine classes :)

05 September 2005

Let it flow

Winecare_2Wine (beer, food, etc.) lovers of the world unite! 

Let’s nourish our giving side and help the victims of Hurricane Katrina.  Here’s the idea:  Take the amount of ca$h you spend on wine/vin/wein/vino over the course of 1 week, 1 month, or even 1 year and donate it to...

Depending on where you live, you may also be able to house victims.  Let us be Liebe Menschen and let the kindness flow.

Mike from ShirazShiraz provides this great piece of information:

"In the Social Forum on eBob (eRobertParker) several individuals have offered to match any donation you can make (up to a total of $5,000). My wife and I gave to the Red Cross and then emailed in our receipts. It is one way to effectively double your contribution."

Find out how you can join the, "Wine & Solidarity" efforts spearheaded by Gregoire


31 August 2005

Give if you can

GiveIf you are able to make a donation to the Hurricane victims, you can do so here

There are numerous ways in which we can all help (aside from donations).  Find out here.

15 August 2005

Cook for the Cure

Cookforcuregull_1On August 27th, I get to do my wine thing (teach, sip, and eat) for a good cause.  The Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation is holding a, "Cook for the Cure" event in Salt Lake City.  If you're in the area, drop by and sip some wine.  Or visit the Komen Website and find out what you can do to help find a cure for breast cancer.

11 January 2005

A Great Help/Info Resource

The Southeast Asia/Tsunami Blog has all kinds of info on how you can help.  Please give if you can.

04 January 2005

Give/Continue to give

the quake/tsunami victims are obviously in continuing need of assistance.  The IFRC or Oxfam or any other reputible aid group will graciously accept your donation.  Please give if at all possible.

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