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01 May 2006

Let's Review (4/24-4/29)

Teacherapple O.K. Class.  It's time to review what we learned last week.

Study well.  There's a pop quiz in your future.

07 April 2006

Best of the Juice: White Ships of Spain

Spring is springin'.  That puts me in the mood for the unique white wines of Rioja, Rueda and Rias Baixas.  Ahoy matey!

Screw Robert Goulet and his Red Ships of Spain.  Today I sing the praises of...

The White Ships of Spain

SpainshipsThe modern day Spanish wine armada is overwhelmingly red.  Let’s leave these red ships of Spain for a minute and focus on a much smaller fleet: The white ships of Spain.  In fact, for this expedition, we are going to exclude the Cava (Spanish bubbly) and Sherry contingents of our white flotilla, and focus on three white wine producing regions:  Rioja, Rueda, and Rias Baixas.  Wine from these regions is commonly available in most wine shops.  To find it, just sail past all the red.

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04 August 2005

the Top3 27July-4Aug


  1. Acid is your friend.  Jazz up flabby or timid wine with a little acidic food
  2. We counted down one year of Basic Juice.  And the Top 4 of BJ's first year are great.  I guaran-damn-tee it
  3. And don't miss the ode to the Odeon in New York City.  This is how wine-by-the-glass should be done

CornerlogoAnd if you live on this planet (i.e. the earth), enjoy food, drink, art, and culture; then come blog with us at jZepp.  We started blogging the world this week.  We're looking for creative contributing co-bloggers!

26 July 2005

the Top3 11July-26July


  1. This should be illegal, but it's sinfully delicious.  And I can't help myself 
  2. Let the Boom-Bizzle gizzle you through the syrizzle
  3. Neurotoxin & Gewurztraminer:  fine dining at its riskiest
  4. Bonus: The WG gives us the skinny on Litchi

And if you live on this planet (i.e. the earth), enjoy food, drink, art, and culture; then come blog with us at jZepp.  We start blogging the world on 1 August.

11 July 2005

the Top3 20June-10July


  1. We all got off quite nicely.  Check out the WBW#11 summary by the numbers & list of contributions
  2. Scheurebe.  Learn to pronounce it.  Learn to love it.  Let the WineGoddess be your Scheu-guide
  3. Need a little romance?  Pull out a 'Jackson' and get some

And for you observant types, Basic Juice now has a new Masthead (look up to the top of the page).  Do you love it?  Hate it?  Indifferent?  Some feedback would be much appreciated

20 June 2005

the Top3 6June-19June


  1. Don't forget to 'Get Off' with us on WBW11; coming up on July 6th
  2. You might not be able to bait your hook with it, but Albariño and trout (or just about any fish) is a tasty treat
  3. Wanted:  Bonarda of Argentina.  Mr. B. has possible ties to three varieties in Italy and one in France.  A relative in California may also have information leading to Mr. B's identification.


06 June 2005

the Top3 31may-6june


  1.  Red Knot Shiraz.  Like Bazooka bubblegum for wine swilling adults (but in a good way.  Really.)
  2. Quick quiz:  You see a bottle with the letters, "NV" on the label.  What does it mean?
  3.  The weather's getting warmer.  It's time for Tavel

31 May 2005

the Top3, 23may-30may


  1. Sangre de Toro is the Vatican's new hizzle wizzle.  My question is:  Will they be letting visitors keep the itty bitty plastic bull that comes with the bottle?
  2. What about the children??  Lenn takes a "Prohibitionist" to task
  3. The News at Vine; perhaps the most important fake wine news show you will ever see

23 May 2005

the Top3, 15may-22may


  1. What's in your Langhe Rosso? - It just might be a surprise
  2. Oxidative? Oxidated? Mentos?  - All this to describe Tokaji
  3. What to type with a camera in your face - Yum, wine -n- Dixie cups

22 May 2005

the Top3, 8may-15may


  1. An Opera in Rosato - A pink Sicilian?  Get outta here
  2. Austrian Wine is no Joke - A radiator joke and some serious Smaragd
  3. Gnarly - Something gnarly for your visual enjoyment

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