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28 May 2007

Sublime Alpine Prism


Sublime Alpine Prism

27 April 2007

3 Musts

1. A rosé must not contain more than 13% abv

2. Your Friday audio rotation must contain Motorin' by the Saturday Knights


3. This photo must receive a caption

12 March 2007

Shake it off


Shake it off.  Type through it.  Don't let the tendonitis win.  Wuss.

03 January 2007

A Year in Wine (& Photos): Oct-Nov-Dec '06

De Angelis Lacrima Christi del Vesuvio Rosso 2004 ($17)

"When Archangel Lucifer was cast out of heaven, he grasped a small divine chunk of heaven while falling to earth.  Lucifer placed this chunk in what is now the bay of Naples - Campania's capitol.  Missing this little chunk of heaven, the Lord cried over it and his tears rained down on the slopes of Mount Vesuvius.  From these 'Lacrima Christi' sprang vines that later produced the grapes for this fancifully-named DOC wine."

Tasca d'Almerita's Regaleali Bianco Sicilia IGT, 2005 (~$11)

"Regaleali defies expectations with a zesty mouthfeel coupled to scents that can best be described as a vanilla-peach cream soda-pop minus HFCS.  This wine is indeed simple, but also unique and refreshing."

Kermit Lynch Cotes Du Rhone 2004 ($10-$13)

"Kermie's C.d.R. is ruby red in color with scents of tart red cherry, ripe raspberry and pepper.  In the mouth, the wine is dusty (#2 grit tannins) earthy (geriatric Syrah vines) and ever-so-slightly meaty (ahh, Mourvedre)."


Happy Belated Holidays

31 December 2006

A Year in Wine (& Photos): September '06

Qupe Marsanne 2004 ($20)

"What do you get when you pull Viognier out of a white Cali-Rhone blend?  Less honeysuckle and more fresh melon tang."



A Year in Wine (& Photos): August '06

Mark West Pinot Noir 2004 ($8-$10)

"Howdy Monsieur, much obliged for the avant-garde.
Even though, you own nary a vine-yard.
Vanilla charred, speakin of which or who,
wine all toasty like you tossed in an oak or two.
A glass of baked fruit cru; bottled in C.A. - who knew?"


Still Life

A Year in Wine (& Photos): July '06

Montes Alpha Cabernet Sauvignon 2003 ($~20)

Deep(5) indigo(6) in color, fading to an intense pink rim(7).

(5) Deep, as in the color’s depth. Perhaps I should’ve simply gone with ‘dark’ as the adjective in this instance.

(6) The word, “indigo,” conjures up two, very different, images in my mind: Indigo Girls and indigo snakes(f). 

(7) A pink rim, either of the intense or laid back variety, indicates youth and/or the near absence of oxygenation in red wine. As red wine ages, and/or is exposed to oxygen(g), the pink rim fades to a less intense garnet/copper/rust color. Think of the rim as your wine’s freshness indicator.


Glacier Polished


29 December 2006

A Year in Wine (& Photos): June '06

Hirsch Riesling 'Heiligenstein' 2005

"This wine is all about texture with a more subtle, balanced rich & tangy mouthfeel.  Hirsch Riesling also possesses flavors of 'sea salt,' which are slowly revealed throughout the long finish."


Serious Spiral

28 December 2006

A Year in Wine (& Photos): May '06

Gross Styria "Nussberg" Muskateller 2004

"Take a sip, nibble on some bread slathered in Verhakert or salami; and sit back and take in the serenity from Styria's rolling green hills."


Austrian Tuscany

A Year in Wine (& Photos): April '06

Pecchenino 'Siri D'Jermu' Dolcetto di Dogliani DOC 2003 (~$20)

"It is indeed soft and fruity (the Dolcetto calling card), but it also possesses depth and balance.  this wine is the perfect foil to the succulence of pork, bitterness of radicchio and earthiness of beans."



First Bloom


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