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18 September 2005



Oh my. Perhaps it's a cultural thing; I don't know. But I draw the line at entrails.... (although in your photo, they don't look too bad!)

Stephen Jack

What about rooster testicles, Beau? There were some in this dish. Actually this dish was total overkill, even if treated purely as a medicinal dish. The Taiwanese I was eating with did little more than pick at it. Not the high point of Taiwan cuisine in my opinion.


wow! I can understand if they eat this kind of dish for the -magical- health benefit that will bring to the person. But other than that I think it will be out of the menu! :)

Stephen Jack

Hi Melissa. According to traditional Chinese medicine, eating an animal part or organ is strengthening to the corresponding human organ. Eating a fish eye, for example, would be good for your eyesight. If this is the case then the dish in the photo should be able to cure internal ailment in the book!


It makes sense---but in my case I prefer acupunture and lots of tea!


I think I need some pepto..

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