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30 March 2006


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To search for cold sore excitability genes, the U researchers used linkage analysis, which traces genetic markers in families to identify regions on chromosomes that harbor disease genes. When genetic mutations are passed from parent to offspring, genetic markers near the disease gene are passed along as well. By identifying markers shared among family members, researchers can locate regions of chromosomes at what place genes responsible for disease may lie. The U of U study was the first whole- genome study...

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I can wait to go to China this summer! See this kind of markets, eat with chopsticks, and so on. They have an amazing culture, I say!

Running Barefoot

When I walked home that night, I warm my soul ofsatisfaction curiosity and a lot of strange things I found amazing that the earth magic thatare. I think if I wrote a story, I should stop at this point, but in the shadow of life.

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